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Cedar Specialty Shoppes

Cedar Lumber, Cedar Siding, Stains, Decking Materials and Backyard Accessories Delivered to Your Worksite.

Premium, Western Red Cedar Lumber and Clear Cedar Boards on Your Cedar Projects

When you are planning your cedar deck, fence, gazebo, or cedar backyard structure to expand your living space outdoors; you owe it to yourself to visit Cedar Speciality Shoppes, Ontario’s Largest Cedar Retailer. For over 30 years we have been the largest cedar supplier in Southern Ontario and the Niagara Peninsula. We continue to thrive as the industry leader, offering quality and service.
Anything you need to build your project! With friendly knowledgeable staff who are second to none. We have it all, Think Cedar! Come see our showroom at 116 Dunkirk Road, click here for directions.
Cedar Fencing, Posts, Pickets, Lattice & Trellis
Dress up your backyard with a long lasting Cedar Wood Fence, Cedar Trellis or Cedar Wood Structure. We have an excellent supply of Cedar Wood Posts, and Western Red Cedar Fence Boards as well as dimensional Cedar lumber, plus Tongue and Groove Cedar Siding. Top off your Cedar Posts with beautiful Fence Caps. We have a large selection of Cedar Fence Post Caps in Copper, Metal or even Cedar. Come on down to Cedar Specialty Shoppes and have a look at the many other Copper and Cedar Fencing accessories we have in store. We also carry Cedar Lattice for your Cedar Trellis Projects. If you want to build it out of cedar, we have it in store. Come talk to our friendly Cedar Experts, we can help you plan your Cedar project and we will deliver your Cedar Lumber and supplies right to do your door!

Quality Cedar Deck Boards and Decking Materials

We offer only the best quality Canadian Cedar Decking Materials, and accessories. You can depend on us to deliver top notch Cedar Wood for your project. Plus we have all the extras that take your cedar anything, to the next level of perfection

Cedar Fence & Cedar Deck Material
Clear Cedar Boards
Cedar Sidings
Cedar Shakes & Shingles
Cedar Saunas
Complete Line of Sansin Cedar Stains
Large Dimensional Cedar Timbers
Custom Cutting Available
Custom Cedar Cupolas (you think it, we'll build it!)
Stainless Cedar Fasteners

Red Balau Batu Tropical Hardwood - Malaysian Hardwood from Kayu Canada

We are now a distributor of Malaysian Hardwood from Kayu Canada. It is beautiful wood, and it is practical too. It has many uses including: decking, frames for wagons, trucks, lorries, heavy duty furniture, door and window frames, railway sleepers, cruise ships decking and boat building.

Extremely durable, resistant to decay, resistant to abrasion, wear and dents.
Pricing comparable to clear grade soft wood and composite decking.
Resistant to wood shrinkage and splintering
Highly durable and sustainable
Withstand extreme weather conditions, low maintenance
Cannot be easily worn out by fire
Once we add this product to our website we will notify you so you can see more images of this beautiful hardwood.
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Cedar Siding; Aromatic Closet Lining, Knotty or Clear V-Joint, Knotty or Clear Bevel, Wavy Edge, Channel, Board & Batten

  • Aromatic Closet Lining
  • 1 X 8 Channel
  • 1 X 10 Wavy Edge Bevel
  • 1 X 8 Knotty Bevel
  • 1 X 8 Clear Bevel
  • 1/2 X 6 Clear Bevel  1 X 6 Knotty Bevel
  • 1 X 4 Clear Joint
  • 1 X 6 Knotty V-Joint
  • 1 X 4 Knotty V-Joint

Cedar Siding In Stock Now

Carrying only premium products, Cedar Specialty Shoppes has quite the variety of cedar siding available in knotty or clear.

Tongue and Groove V-joint (western red cedar)

This product has become our customers favourite due to its versatility! This kiln-dried siding can be installed indoors, outdoors, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. For a knot free, more elegant, more modern look choosing clear would be for you or if you are a casual rustic type of person choose knotty for sound tight knots.

Bevel (W.R.C)

Known to be the most widely used siding, this can be installed horizontally which gives a nice shadow line effect and can hold finishes quite well. Available in; clear for a more modern upscale look, knotty for a more rustic casual look perfect for cottages, homes or club houses. Wavy edge bevel siding is also available for a more natural look.

Channel (W.R.C.)

Another versatile siding, this beauty can be installed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Channel can come in clear or knotty and can provide protection from weather and dimensional movement.

Board and Batten (W.R.C.)

This siding is installed vertically using wide clear or knotty boards spaced apart with narrow boards covering the joints. These boards are finished on one side and rough on the other providing different looks.

Aromatic Cedar

A lightweight product that is easy to work with. Typically used in lining closets or even chests this product is easily installed using nails or adhesive and provides a nice fresh forest aroma with nice rich red tones. Oh did we mention that it repels and resists insects?
Copper Accessories Complete the Project
As one of Ontario's largest specialty copper retailers Cedar Specialty Shoppes can also supply from a complete line of distinctive Copper Accessories, including:
Copper Weathervanes
Copper Finials
Copper Post Caps
Many other interesting Copper items to enhance the beauty of your home!
For more information visit our Copper Roof Ontario page.
Custom Exterior Finishes for Over 30 Years